Xarah von den Vielenregen is a well-known international fire burlesque starlet from Amsterdam/ Berlin. Because of her many different looks and styles, she is called the chameleon of the night. She loves to celebrate beauty and femaleness in her charming and glamorous way, while she is bringing back the sensuality of the golden twenties. Magical, hypnotic and always elegant. Xarah is the  winner of the Milan Burlesque Award 2013 and also won "Most Classic" at t Alabama Burlesque Festival 2013. She also made it into the Burlesque TOP 10 of Europe for several times! Xarah is also available as photomodel for glamour, burlesque, pinup, fetish & gothic and furthermore for videoprojects

(Burlesque Finland 2013):
“Xarah von den Vielenregen was another performer with a knock out costume. The delightful use of her fans was just so elegant,
as was the whole performance. Xarah showed everyone her heart, and they gave theirs back to her in exchange."


(Paard van Troje - Den Hague 2012):
"Xarah von den Vielenregen was the embodiment of feminine glamour"


(Burlesque Bible 2011):
"You haven't heard about the Burlesque Assassins? Well you will soon...Forget about Christina Aguilera,
it's the likes of Xarah von den Vielenregen you want to be watching out for now.
Our Xtina may be able to sing and dance ( for some extent at least) - but, with all respect,
would you want her in your team when you're facing a trio of villainy bent on global domination?
No, you wouldn' t. You'd want Xarah."


(Salon Kokett, February 2011):
"...a sensual and alluring 20's dark burlesque femme fatale with a modern flavour, a lots of glitter and glamour!"


(Panti Christ, 2010):
"XARAH.DE is her address.
She's a Berliner, she is a glamorous goth, she's a fantastic fetish model, she's one hell of a Burlesque dancer and lucky for us all:
NOW she's the new Panti-Christ girl. Xarah von den Vielenregen. Take some time and check out her website,
she's taken some pictures that made us weep tears of joy in the Panti-Christ office. Sniff, Sniff...
Let's hope she shakes you up just the same!"


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